Cards For Caregivers

As a part of the community, Edu Atlas is anxious about the pains Covid-19 has brought to the nation. We are immensely grateful for the resilient medical personnel hard at work every day.

During this crisis, caregivers must:

  • Leave their safe homes to fight this dangerous disease
  • Manage stressful and saddening memories relating to Covid-19 terrors
  • Endure 10+ hour workdays, often without break

To express our thanks and support for the wonderful medical personnel helping us fight this pandemic, we would like to invite you to create a one-sided, one-page card for these incredible caregivers.

For ages 4-8, please click here.

For ages 9-12, please click here.

For older ages (12+), please click here.

For all, submit your card here (NOTE: please use a personal google account when submitting the form: other accounts in specific domains, such as school domains, will not work)

Community Partner: Senior Letter Writing

In the East Bay Area of California, Students in Service is conducting a Senior Letter Writing project in which students can create cards and letters to senior living facilities in the Bay Area. Their goal is to facilitate companionship and dialogue for seniors who may be facing difficulties with social isolation. Please consider writing a letter!

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