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โ€” Pav the bookworm

Don’t forget to check out #CardsForCaregivers: create an appreciation card for medical workers battling Covid-19!

๐Ÿ’กTip: If your school has an online library, like OverDrive, try borrowing books from there!

Also try out Epic, a subscription service for books. Ask your parents first!

Sign Up On OpenLibrary!

Asks your parents to sign up for a FREE account to access hundreds of books on OpenLibrary, for whatever your reading level or interests are!

Universal School Library

The Universal School Library (USL), is a growing collection of digitized books curated by a national advisory group of school librarians, librarian educators and researchers. Currently, you can search and find selected books from a selection of school libraries across the country, as well as from nationally recognized book award and recommendation lists.

Newsela Kids

Learning doesnโ€™t have to stop when schools close. Read these informative articles to learn about the world around you and improve your reading comprehension. You’ll need to create an account.

Free Children Stories

Another website that has wonderful reading resources that you can browse by age groups!

Oxford OWL

Get your parents to sign up for a FREE account to access hundreds of fantastically-written and illustrated books. Browse according to age, book type, level, and series!

Also Us: Give Local

Are you interested in helping your local community by donating to regional organizations like hospitals and food banks?

Check out Give Local! It’s an easy-to-navigate website listing county-level organizations you can support. Kind of like Edu Atlas, but for helping your local community.

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