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Don’t forget to check out #CardsForCaregivers: create an appreciation card for medical workers battling Covid-19!

Connect the Dots

Did you know that you could use your counting skills to make an art piece come to life? Connect the dots in order of number and uncover your surprise!

Easy Paper Crafts

Check out these 18 paper crafts that allow you to create amazing masterpieces from snowflake ballerinas to stained-glass kites!

Bubble Recipe

You’ve definitely seen these before and have probably make them before while you were taking a bath. But have you made bubbles intentionally? This website will teach you more and soon, you will be a bubble genius!

Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Do you have extra pipe cleaners at home that you’re not using. Use them to make beautiful flowers!

Health/Safety Coloring Book

Learn about how to take care of your health and stay safe while at the same time practicing your coloring skills!

15 Simple Crafts

Watch this video that contains tutorials on fifteen (yes, fifteen!) different cool crafts! Pick one you like and start crafting!

ABCya Tutorials

All sorts of arts & crafts instructional videos!

HooplaKidz Crafting Ideas

A YouTube playlist with instructional painting, play-doh, and DIY for kids. Over 50 arts and crafts videos, there is definitely one for you!

Play-Doh Magic Swirl Ice Cream Shoppe Game

Create your own Ice Cream Swirl Cone with this online Play-Doh game, name your Cone, and print out multiple creations to make a collage!

Robot Puppets

Staying at home, not being able to meet your friends, may be lonely, but there is a solution! Create your own robot puppet and have it keep you company! You can even give it a name!

Paper Strings

Anyone can make this at home, because it only requires one material: paper! See how long you can make it, and try to make it as neat as possible. Your parents will be impressed!

Pasta Crafts

Do you have old, stale pasta at home that your parents are about to throw away? Think twice! You can get creative with these pasta crafts!

75 Recycled Projects

Crafting can get pricey but one way that you can keep your budget in check and be kind to the earth is to use recycled materials. These recycled art projects for kids use cereal boxes, paper towel rolls, corks, egg cartons, jar lids and more.

DIY Play-Doh

You can make your own Play-Doh at home with only a few easy ingredients and a ton of fun! Try it out!

Coloring Book

Ask your parents to print you this free online coloring book filled with amusing cartoon depictions of international landmarks. Try to complete all of the landmarks!


Paint/Draw anything you want with this online painting program.

Also Us: Give Local

Are you interested in helping your local community by donating to regional organizations like hospitals and food banks?

Check out Give Local! It’s an easy-to-navigate website listing county-level organizations you can support. Kind of like Edu Atlas, but for helping your local community.

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