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Free Coloring Pages

This list of free online coloring pages is your one-stop shop for PDF downloads. Each link on this page links directly to a download for the featured page. Whether you are looking for printable complex pages or sweet and simple designs, you’re sure to find a page you love below.

Relaxing Coloring Book

Put your favorite music on and settle down for some relaxing coloring time! There are infinite possibilities you can create with your color palette…

Kawaii Origami Animals

These origami animals are adorable! From reindeers to swan to unicorns, all your favorite animals are here!

3D Origami Pieces

Learn how to make these triangular origami units that can be utilized to make all sorts of 3D origami creations. Any 3D origami starts with this building block.

Monogram String Art

GTV Crafternoon’s Marianne shows how to make a piece of customizable monogram string art.

Yarn Lanterns

If you’re an avid crafter, you’ve likely seen the classic Yarn Glue Lantern is some form or another. If you haven’t, well it’s time to get in the know. All you need is yarn, corn starch, glue, and a balloon to create a sweet piece of ceiling candy. The twist? Add a hanging light bulb to take things to a much more illuminated level.

Bead Projects

If you love bead crafts, this is just the craft project list for you. Most of these will take you less than an hour to complete and all of them are so much fun to make. The projects range from wooden to plastic beads so there is something for you no matter what type of beads you may have on hand.

Coloring Biology

Learn biology while improving your art skills with these coloring books from the RCSB Protein Data Bank, based on beautiful paintings by Professor David Goodsell.

Intermediate Origami

A playlist that includes over 100 tutorials of origami figures from animals to pyramids to vehicles. Pick one you like and get folding!

Fifth Grade Arts & Crafts Activities

Highly engaging arts & crafts that are suitable for more experienced tween crafters. Make sure to create an account!



Free complex/detailed coloring patterns fit for downloading, printing, and coloring.

Hard Dot to Dot

Connect the dots in order starting from 1, and see what image you get! It’s a mystery that you have to be patient to solve!

Just Color

With various themes, artists, difficulty levels and styles, choose the write coloring page for you and print! Then start coloring! Easy, right?

3D Origami Teddy Bear

Who doesn’t love teddy bears? Make one for yourself!

3D Origami Swan

Make a beautiful, elegant swan! This requires lots of patience but is really rewarding once you finish!


The candle. Endlessly customizable, classically beautiful and no sweat to make, they’re a crafter’s favorite for a reason. In the following video, we’ll show you how to make a scented candle at home, the easy way! 

Fingerless Gloves

Turn an old, shrunken sweater into a new pair of gloves in three easy steps!

DIY Pom Poms

You see them often, they look simple, but do you know how to make them? If not, check this out!

Cube Origami

Use cubes to make a variety of different structures! You’ll never get bored of cubes.

Brick Building Game

Build your favorite Lego creations using this free online platform (highly recommended).

How to Make Fork Pom Poms

Make your own yarn pom poms with this easy method (make a collection to decorate rooms, backpacks, etc.).

Quick, Draw!

Experience the power of machine learning with this interactive doodling platform by Google (you doodle, the website guesses your doodle subject!).

Also Us: Give Local

Are you interested in helping your local community by donating to regional organizations like hospitals and food banks?

Check out Give Local! It’s an easy-to-navigate website listing county-level organizations you can support. Kind of like Edu Atlas, but for helping your local community.

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