We, a group of California high school students, created the Edu Atlas website to help parents who must juggle working from home and taking care of their younger children as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak. Already stressed from their job, parents must now spend valuable time researching and planning activities for their children every day, leaving them overburdened. The Edu Atlas team has created an easy-to-navigate website full of different activities (books, arts & crafts, virtual tours, exercises, etc.) that are both productive and fun for elementary students. 

The activities are organized by age groups to assist parents in choosing suitable learning activities for their child. All the activities are thoroughly vetted and selected for the educational value and fun they bring! Much better than spending time playing video games all day! We hope this will keep children engaged for 1-2 hours every day, so parents can focus on their work or get some well-deserved break time.

The website will be updated weekly as we find more resources (old materials will still be there). Please donโ€™t forget to bookmark this website so children have easy access to it! If you have suggestions for resources, please feel free to scroll to the bottom and submit your comments in our form.

Our website also features a free tutoring service and the #CardsforCaregivers initiative. Through our tutoring service, qualified high school students provide on-demand homework help and answer any questions that students may have. Through the #CardsforCaregivers initiative, children may create appreciation cards for medical personnel battling the Covid-19 crisis; this allows children to demonstrate fundamental qualities such as compassion and kindness while helping out in the best way they can: showing support.

Give Local

Give Local is an easy-to-navigate website with local donation websites listed by county. These include community response funds, hospitals requesting PPE, and food banks in need of donations. This saves donors valuable time that wouldโ€™ve been spent on researching local organizations to donate to and helps concentrate support in local organizations already dedicated to public service. Please check out Give Local and consider donating!

Also Us: Give Local

Are you interested in helping your local community by donating to regional organizations like hospitals and food banks?

Check out Give Local! It’s an easy-to-navigate website listing county-level organizations you can support. Kind of like Edu Atlas, but for helping your local community.

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